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01. August 2017. This is a warning to all runners which plan to participate in DOM (Durmitor Orienteering Challenge). There are two different entries (and two different organizers) for same competition on this websites. It seems that those two organizers are in some kind of dispute regarding who will organize the competition. They both claim they will organize it. I've heard from both parties and, as expected, their stories are different. I can't really say what is true and what is not, and who will actually organize the competition and who won't (although uunlikely, there may be two competitions at the same place).

So, this is just a warning to all participants to double check who you are sending your money to, and whether the competition you are travelling to will actually be organized.

I don't want to spread fear between participants, but I thought a bit of a warning that there may be issues with this competition is in place.

04. April 2017. * Added Federation ID. Now, we have two different IDs, National IDs and Federation IDs. They work the same, it's just one more field for you to use.

08. December 2016. * Added "My maps", a way to add your maps to OrienteeringOnline.net

10. April 2014. * Change: There has been change regarding custom fields. Disabled fields can now still be edited by administrator of competition. Also, disabled custom fields can be visible in the list of entries if flag "display in entries" has been set.

20. November 2013. * Fix: Not all competitors were visible under "Set permissions".

05. June 2012. * Couple of small bugfixes with traslations.
* Under club info, there is a list of all entries for upcoming competitions. This way members of club can easily check their entries status.

23. May 2012. * Changed list of competitions on the main page. Also, users can now filter competitions by country.
* When searching for competitions, you can also filter by country.
* Custom fields can now be displayed under list of entries. Administrator can choose which fields to display.
* You can now input gender for non user profiles. Also, you can input date of birth directly when adding new member.
* Under fee overview, you can now use "Select all" and "Unselect all" buttons. After you perform an action (lock competitor, set payment date), selection is not deleted, but will remain as you have set it.
* Under basic competition info you can now see entry deadline dates for competition.

17. January 2012. * Support for year of birth in entries. There is now new special field "Year of birth" which you can enable for your competition under "Additional fields".
* Under "Set permissions" entries are sorted by name.
* Bookmarked competitions are sorted by date.
* Couple of other small enhancements

3. November 2011. * Someone has recently used OrienteeringOnline.net to spam our users using OO.net internal messaging system. Because of that I have limited number of messages that user can send per 24 hours to 5. After you send this 5 messages you can still send more, but you will have to input captcha to prevet automated abuse of our system. I am sorry for the inconvenience but I am sure you don't want to receive spam any more than I do.
* You can now use National IDs field in your competitions. Just enable it under "Other fields", and National ID field will automatically be added to your "entry grid" and National IDs of competitors will automatically be transferred to competition. Naturally, National ID will also be exported to OEvent.
* Small bug fixes.

10. May 2011. * You can now export results and split times from your competitions to OrienteeringOnline.net. Same as with start times, you will need OEvent to do that. At the same time OEvent beta 1 has been released which support upload of results and split times. So, go ahead and download it there.
* Small bug fixes.

30. March 2011. * As you probably noticed, OrienteeringOnline.net is available in multiple languages now. Many thanks to translators who did great job.
* OrienteeringOnline.net now enables you to upload start times of competitors in your competition. In order to do so you must use OEvent. It's still in beta, but has been tested in some events without serious problems. Also, any spotted problems were fixed promtly, so at this point there are no known problems. If nothing else, you are welcome to test it.

05. October 2010. * You can now reorder classes.
* You can export data for selected stages only.
* Big new feature: you can use OrienteeringOnline.net to send emails to all competitors who registered for your competition. Remember: DO NOT SPAM, and use this feature only to send data about your current competition. Do not use past competitions to advertise about your new competitions.

11. June 2010. * Administrator of competition may now prevent displaying list of entries. Check this under Other->Permissisons (on the competition menu). This will probably not be used my most of organizers but may be used in some special cases if for some reason you don't want to display list of entries.

26. February 2010. * When competitor is locked, administrator of competition can now still make all the changes. Previously administrator had to first unlock competitor, make changes and then lock him again. This is now changed.
* Organizers can now better control what happens when they lock competitors. You can for example set that locked competitors can still change their chip number, but can not change class or remove themselves from competition. Basic use for this is that after competitors paid for your competition, you can lock them so that they can not be removed from competition (except by administrator, of course) but you will probably still want them to be able to change their chip number.
* Small bugs fixed

12. February 2010. * In MT2003 export, database ID will now be exported.
* In MT2003 export, if competitor did not enter chip number, "Rented" field will be marked with X.
* "Custom fields" menu entry has been renamed to "Additional fields"
* On this renamed "Additional fields" page you cah choose to have one more field on your entries page: WRE ID. If you organize WRE event, this is easy way to collect those WRE IDs.

11. February 2010. * Bug fixed: Nationality is now correctly exported.
* Added captcha when creating new profile to prevent bots from hitting the site with random data.
* Organizers can now export all data in the grid under "Entries"
* Bugfixes and small changes in interface.

12. January 2010. * Added WRE ID to profiles.
* You can up to 5 national IDs to profiles.
* You can delete competitions now. Actually they are not really deleted, but they just won't be listed any more. This is useful for test competitions.
* You can register yourself for competition as individual. You don't need to join any club first.
* You can import data.
* You can check which competitions particular user attended.
* It's now possible to show 2 more messages (message before entry is accepted and message on registration page) to competitors. This enables you to notify/warn competitors about various things.
* Bugfixes and small changes in interface.

31. December 2009. * We have made a decision that users may only create new competitons which use OrienteeringOnline.net to handle their entries. OO.net is not a calendar for all competitions, but is online entries system.
* Some small changes in user interface and bug fixes.

23. December 2009. * It is possible to define maximum number of competitors that are allowed to select certain value in drop down custom fields. This is useful for example for accommodation, when you need to prevent too many competitors to book some type of accommodation.
* Under integration to your website you can now display (on your website) number of competitors that selected certain value of drop down custom field. Using the aboove example, you can use it to display number of available rooms/beds/tents for accomodation directly on your website.
* Fixed bug with some characters not showing in PDF export of invoices.
* Fixed some small bugs with custom fields.

10. September 2009. * Small bugfixes and updates to user interface.
* When you add runner to competition, system will try to correctly choose category for him.

8. September 2009. * You can now copy classes from one of your previous competitions. This reduces amount of work you need to do in order to set up your competition.
* You can export receipts in PDF format for clubs coming to your competiton.
* I have added some simple charts showing entries per day in your competitions. Check the "Stats" section in the competition menu.

7. September 2009. * Custom fields can now have attached custom fees to them. If you want to charge for your custom fields now you can do that. Only "check boxes" and "drop down boxes" can have fee attached, text boxes can not have fees attached to them.
* Simple integration for your website is now possible. For now you can only display on your website current number of entries for your competition. Go to "Control Panel" and check "Integration" section.
* Fixed bug related to search for competitors.